Services for CNC Machining in China

There are a lot of different China CNC machining services that Superapid can do for you, like CNC turning, CNC Milling Services, wire EDM, and surface grinding. With precision CNC machining, other technology, and a team of experts, we can take care of all the technical parts of making your parts prototypes, so you can only think about getting your new product out there.

As someone who needs someone who can provide precision CNC machine services for metal and plastic parts, Superapid is the way to go. Get in touch with us to find out more about how we make things and how we can help.

CNC Machining Services:

For example, when compared to a CNC turning service like turning, a CNC milling service like 5-axis milling is used to make difficult 3D shapes or apply machined features to parts that have been made out of both metal and plastic. Benefit: CNC milling can be used to make a wide range of parts with complex geometries. Multi-axis milling machines make this process flexible, accurate, and repeatable for making a wide range of parts. These are curves, slots, holes, shapes, angles, channels, and more. Milling is a great way to make tools for plastic injection moulding and pressure die casting.

A company that does CNC Turning Services:

A CNC lathe machine lets us get high-speed CNC turning of both metals and plastics from blocks or bars of material. This machine is called a lathe. Our CNC turning services let you make complex internal and external geometries, as well as all kinds of threads. CNC turning is more efficient than CNC milling when it comes to round parts, like worms, spheres, and shafts. Prototypes can be made with Superapid’s CNC turning services. They can also make parts for mass production.

Our benefits of using a CNC machine are:

You can get a lot of different kinds of precision CNC machining services from different companies. Because we’re the best. The following are a few of the main ones:

In this case, you’ll get to know each

There are many projects that our technical staff has worked on over the years. They have accumulated a lot of knowledge and skills. In different industries, they can work with precision and complex parts without any trouble.

High-tech equipment

Superaid has a lot of in-house equipment for both making things and testing them. We will make and check the parts you need with our high-tech in-house equipment, including 5-axis CNC milling, HAAS 3-, 4-, and 5-Olympus XRF analyzers, and Hexagon CMMs.

When it comes to speed

Most of the time, we return orders in 24 hours or less, ship parts in 7 days or less, and have a 99 percent response rate about on-time delivery and quality.

Applications of CNC Machining:

  • Design & Rapid Prototyping
  • Mold Making
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Medical
  • Consumer Products

Tolerances for CNC Machining Services:

With a wide range of CNC machines, we can make standard-tolerance CNC machined parts at a low price and high-precision machined parts for all high-end products. When you work with Superapid, we promise that your needs will be met.

Machining that is very precise with a CNC machine:

Also, Superapid provides high-quality precision machining service as well. With high-precision turning and milling machines, we can make prototypes and machine parts with very tight tolerances.

It has taken us more than a decade to figure out how to offer precision machining service.

It’s important to know what materials and finishes are used in CNC Machining:

If you need to make parts with CNC machining China, you need to know what finishes and materials you can use on your parts. It’s also possible to give CNC prototype parts and production parts a wide range of finishes thanks to the surface finishing partners we work with. Custom CNC parts with a high-quality look are what you need. We’re here to help you.

What’s CNC Machining Services?

What is a CNC machine?

It is a way to make things, and it removes material. When a computer is used, sharp cutting tools are used in a variety of sizes and shapes to cut things. Computer Numerical Control is the name of the group.

Working with a CNC machine

CNC machining starts with a computer, where engineers use CAD software to make a part. This digital part is turned into a format that a CNC machine can read.

It sends “G-Code” to the CNC machine, which then starts cutting.

Many CNC machines have a “work-table” and a machine called a “workholding machine” that keep a piece of material called a “workpiece” in place, as shown. When the machine is set up, the worktable could move or not move.

As soon as the machining process starts, the cutting tool comes into contact with the work piece, cutting away layers of material. Cuts are made quickly in the right places until the part is done.

There are a lot of different types of CNC machines, like this one.

CNC machines include CNC routers, CNC mills, CNC turning machines (or lathes), and EDM machines (EDMs).

Cnc mills have rotating cutting tools. These tools can be moved to different parts of the workpieces to cut them and can be used to make different parts. A machine like a CNC machine or lathe works in a different way. It turns the workpiece against any cutting tool that isn’t moving. It’s used to make cylindrical parts.

CNC routers and CNC mills are similar, but they don’t have as much power and can’t cut the most hard materials. They can, however, be faster than CNC mills.

In EDM, instead of cutting with a sharp tool, sparks are used to cut through material. Neither the workpiece, nor the tool, touch each other.

It is the number of axes that make a CNC machine. Some people say that because there are more axes, they can move their tool or workpiece in many different ways, which means that they can cut better and faster.