How do I complain about my dental treatment?

Teeth play an important role in our daily lives these days. It helps us in many ways from smiling, eating, talking, etc. Without it, performing all these tasks is almost impossible. Many people are affected with dental problems but are not consulting or getting the proper help due to several factors such as time, location, emotions but thankfully in this modern age, we can consult our dentists online. For example, you can ask a doctor online at Doctoroncall’s webpage, there they will connect you with the respective dentist within a click of a button. Many are wondering, how and what can i complain to my dentist regarding my dental treatment, let’s talk about it.

1.Dental Hygiene

You can talk to your dentist regarding your hygiene as many people are suffering from gum diseases due to lack of education regarding it. It is vital for everyone to know how to care for our gums and teeth. Hence, you can contact the dentist online to inquire regarding procedures and common questions you might have regarding the daily care of your teeths and gums.


Flossing is an important part of teeth and gum health. This is because flossing helps clean the areas where the toothbrush can’t reach into. Flossing has its own method as to how to do it and you can discuss with your dentist regarding it. If you experience any bleeding or discomfort, you can also inform your dentist and they can help identify the issues as to why you’re experiencing such problems.

3.Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is getting more popular these days as it helps boost your confidence when meeting someone or clients. There are many types of teeth whitening out there and you can find which one suits you best. It varies from cost, duration and efficiency. Teeth whitening should not be done very frequently as it can help damage your teeth. Thus, it is important to discuss all options of your teeth whitening procedures with your dentist.


Almost everyone these days has had gum bleeding before. Gum bleeding is very common these days as it is often overlooked by our society. Although gum bleed has many causes to it, the most common one is sensitive gums and almost one third of the population are suffering from it. Location of the bleeding often varies from one person to another as it can range from the front of the gums to the back of the gums. If you have gum bleeding issues, it is important to get it checked by your dentist. You can also discuss with your dentist what steps you can take to overcome this issue and be more confident with it.

5.Orthodontic treatment

Orthodontic treatment also known as braces is a type of treatment to achieve ‘perfect teeth’. Everyone loves a beautiful smile, hence why braces are used very often worldwide today. But it is very important not to get your orthodontic treatment from fraud claiming doctors that offer the treatment for a cheap price and the procedure will be done at home/ hotel/ airbnb, etc. If you would like to get your braces done, you should get your xray done first and foremost then discuss with your dentist to determine the best route of treatment throughout your orthodontic treatment. Braces treatment not only helps improve your aesthetics, it also helps in digestion. It improves your chewing, and breaks down food properly. If your teeth are not aligned properly, you might face a few gastrointestinal problems such as indigestion due to food that are not broken down properly at the mouth.

These are some of the complaints that you can raise to your dentist online. Do not be afraid or think dental treatments are not important, because it is. Consult your dentist today to have a regular checkup and get your teeth checked to ensure it is well and not having any hidden problems. Remember, early treatment is much better than complications later on.