Why Should I Order a Canvas Print Online?

canvas prints online

Buying your own canvas print online has many advantages – in this article we will explain why you should not hesitate to buy!

Buying personalized canvas prints online when there is almost unlimited storage space on every smartphone?  It’s nothing unusual! Buying your own canvas print online has many advantages – in the following article we will explain why you should not hesitate to buy!

Photo canvases have already made millions of people happy

Our canvas prints make people happy. Grandparents watching the new generation grow up, memories of happy moments together and memories of sad times – these are just a few examples of important moments that people have captured on canvas. Whether the pictures are funny, sad or romantic, great emotions are always evoked. These emotions alone make a canvas print priceless.

An investment that pays off

A canvas print is more than a decorative item that you throw away after a few years. It is quite possible that a canvas print with one of your most beautiful and important photos will also be seen by future generations.

Thanks to the technologies we use, our canvas prints can survive several decades intact. Only after more than 75 years will the colors of your canvas print begin to fade slightly – but the memories associated with them will remain.

Storing images on a virtual platform is not always 100% safe

It’s a common mistake to think that the folders on our PC and our cloud accounts are a guaranteed safe way to store our photos. The reality is more complicated. It’s not about an unlikely hacker attack – even if one can never be ruled out. Rather, errors in using these digital storage media are the most common problem.

Unwanted file deletions, the inexplicable loss of a beloved video or photos that were simply forgotten on a device – it’s these little mishaps that make virtual storage media not always 100% secure. In contrast, photos printed as wall decorations cannot be easily overlooked or forgotten by their existence as physical objects. So if you have a bunch of photos from your last vacation, you now know what to do with them!

The quality is in no way inferior to exhibits

The technical aspects should not be overlooked either. A good canvas print is more than just thin paper stretched over any wooden frame. No, a good canvas print consists of canvas material specially developed for the print, which has been carefully stretched by hand over a frame made of fine wood.

But before this happens, your image is printed on canvas with pixel precision using modern printing technology and HD latex inks. The end result is a perfect reproduction of your photo, both in terms of detail and color. The best part? The finished canvas is a real natural product. Our inks are solvent-free, so they are completely harmless to use, even for people with allergies.


Probably the most convincing argument is the price. Turning one of your favorite pictures into a photo canvas is one of the easiest ways to make you or your loved ones happy – and one of the cheapest. Take a look at our price list! A photo canvas is the absolute price-performance winner. For little money you get quality and super fast delivery!