Addressing Needs and Rejections in Relationships

Accommodating Both Partners’ Needs with Couples Therapy and Coaching

Create space for both partners’ needs by identifying what those needs are and acquiring tools to give them attention without pressuring each other. This is for those experiencing recurring rejections, a sense of distance, or uncertainty in their relationship. It’s also for those seeking more affirmation and warmth.

Needs and Rejections in Relationships

  • Do you feel like there isn’t always room for yours or your partner’s emotional needs in your relationship, and it’s challenging to stand by your needs without suffocating each other?
  • Do you find that you and your partner sometimes overlook or dismiss each other’s needs for attention, support, and affirmation in everyday life?
  • Do you think it creates problems when you express your needs to each other, or perhaps you avoid discussing your needs to avoid pressure and rejection?
  • Do you feel it affects your relationship when both of you don’t feel accepted, loved, and significant?
  • Do you miss finding a balance between respecting emotional needs and allowing space for both of you to be yourselves?

If you and your partner don’t feel there’s space for your respective emotional needs, it can create a feeling of not being met and accepted for who you are. Ultimately, it can lead to sadness, insecurity, and possibly jealousy between you.

When you seek my help, you’ll receive practical tools to articulate your needs and find a realistic way to accommodate them without threatening your integrity. This allows you to feel at ease and make space for each of you to feel loved.

What’s Needed to Make Space for Your Needs?

The situation preventing you and your partner from making space for your needs can be resolved, for example with couples therapy, parterapi, or couples coaching. I can help you make room for your needs in a way that brings you closer together in the process.

You and your partner can create more space for your needs by:

  • Gaining insight into what your and your partner’s needs entail specifically and how you need to accommodate them in your relationship for it to feel meaningful to both of you.
  • Practically training to identify your respective needs and putting concrete words to what you feel.
  • Getting inspiration on how to express and stand by your needs in a way that strengthens your relationship.