Choosing Between White Gold vs Platinum for Engagement Ring

Engagement Ring

Many people go for white metals for engagement rings. It’s a tradition passed down for many generations. Since it is a ring for an important event, they select the best metals available in the market. That’s why many will compare white gold vs platinum gold. platinum or white gold even when there exist other metals like silver, nickel, palladium, indium, etc. 

There are factors you should consider when you are selecting a metal for your engagement ring. Below are the crucial points to be keen on before deciding between the two white metals. 


White gold vs platinum cost differs due to various reasons. First, platinum exists in its pure form (at 95% platinum). On the other hand, white gold is an alloy of pure gold and other metals. The price of the white gold depends on the percent of the pure old in the alloy. 


As stated above, the platinum rings are made of 95% platinum metal. Also, the metal exists naturally. Thus, it’s one of the purest precious metals in the jewelry industry. On the other hand, white gold is a human made alloy. It is a combination of gold and another metal. Thus, the gold is considered impure. 


White gold and platinum are both durable metals. However, the degree of their durability depends on the metal properties. First, the white gold is scratch resistant. It can only get a scratch when it is subjected to tremendous pressure or sudden impact. When scratched, the white gold loses part of the metal. However, you can restore it through polishing. However, this process leads to thinning of the metal.

Platinum, on the other hand, is sensitive to scratches. Although it’s a healthy and dense metal, it is soft.

Thus, when subjected to scratches, part of the metal moves to a different location. It gives the metal a rough finish known as the patina finish. You can wear your ring with the patina finish or take it to the jeweler for polishing.

Note that platinum will not lose part if it’s metal. Hence, the thickness will remain intact. 

Long Term Care

There are different ways to care for white gold vs platinum. Your lifestyle hence should advise you on the type of metals to select. First, if your work involves many physical activities, it could mean your ring will be prone to scratches.

Thus, it will develop a patina after a few weeks or months when you choose a platinum metal. If the force is too great and you have white gold metal, it will be subjected to scratching, and you lose a part of the metal. With the white gold, you will need re plating every time the rhodium coating wears down. 


Both white gold vs. platinum looks the same at the point of purchase. This look is due to the rhodium coating on the white gold. However, the original color of the white gold reveals once the layer erodes. If you need a color that does not change, select platinum. 


You’ll need to consider your comfort when selecting your engagement ring. First, platinum is very dense. When you take a white gold ring and a platinum ring of the same size, the platinum will feel heavier. Thus, choose white gold when you need a lighter ring. 

Final Word

When you have the information above in your mind, and you will make a rational choice between platinum vs gold lab grown diamond rings. It would help if you considered the time between your engagement and wedding. Also, your lifestyle can positively affect your metal choice, especially if you plan to resell the ring at a later date.