How to prevent hair loss from your hair system

Hair loss can occur with your hair system for a number of reasons. In this blog, we will look at how friction and bacteria, in particular, can cause major damage on your toupee or wig and what you can do to combat the dangerous duo.

Battling friction

Let’s look at the main reason why your hair replacement system is vulnerable to friction — sebum. This is a substance with an oily and waxy texture that is produced by the body’s sebaceous glands. Its main function is to lubricate and protect the hair shaft against friction and static. Additionally, this substance is what keeps hair soft in the first place. But because it is only produced by our scalps and not our hair system base materials, the hair we wear doesn’t benefit from sebum.

So what are the ways friction can damage your hair? A major cause is when you’re sleeping. It’s important to sleep with a pillowcase that is made of hair-friendly materials. A silk or satin pillowcase certainly fits the bill as they don’t cause much friction when making contact with your hair. But if your pillowcase is made of cotton or any coarse material, the constant contact with the linen can lead to breakage and your hair shedding. Alternatively, you can also wear a silk or satin bonnet on your head to protect your hair while you’re sleeping.

Another cause of friction is wearing hats or helmets for long periods of time. Especially if it’s a tight-fitted hat as this can again lead to hair breakage. By avoiding wearing headwear for extended periods of time, you are also increasing the hold time of your bonding adhesives in the process.

Lastly, friction can also be caused by excess combing and brushing. While it’s good to comb and brush your hair to get rid of tangles, overdoing it is never good. Instead, use a leave-in conditioner.

Get rid of bacteria

Unfortunately with hair systems for men, bacteria is hard to avoid as when it builds up, it can affect your hair and lead to breakage or tears. This is particularly the case on the knots where the hair is connected with the base material. These knots are most vulnerable as they usually hold moisture which can attract bacteria. We recommend not using rinse-off conditioners that contain hydrolyzed proteins such as panthenol. A leave-in conditioner that you can spray with is a better option as it won’t collect in the knots connected to the system.

Use a Knot Sealer

Another product you can use to protect your hair is a knot sealer. While styling products are great to use and style your new hair with, it can also gradually weaken the knots in your hair system. They do this by seeping into the knot and loosening it. This not only causes bacteria buildup, but also leads to the hair eventually falling out.

But with a knot sealer, you can prevent this or at the very least, slow this down. Simply apply the knot sealer on your hair system before installing it. This will lock in the knots with a layer of protection and can significantly reduce hair loss in your men’s toupee.

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