Why is Justin Bieber among the Top 50 Most Popular Women?

50 Most Popular Women

50 most popular women worldwide have become well but have earned numerous honours for their contributions to the arts, including theatre, music, television, and cinema. Their incredible dedication to their work has given them a lot of love and admiration from people worldwide.

COED Magazine has chosen the top 50 most popular ladies, and you’ll be surprised to see who came in at number seven! And, no, this isn’t a joke. The same personality was listed on the 50 Most Popular Women list by The News&Views.

This article will go through the 50 most popular women who made a list.

How did the list come together?

How was the list compiled? Simple. The editors prepared a lengthy list of over 1000 female performers, politicians, entertainers, public figures, and newsmakers.

They then entered each name into the Google Keyword Planner for the date range. For example, from June 2015 to November 2022.

According to COED Magazine, Justin Beiber, the “Baby” singer, is rated seventh among the 50 most popular women on the Internet-based on Google searches.

It’s a good thing Justin Bieber received a haircut since he’s been mistaken for a woman several times.

According to a report on COEDMagazine.com, the Canadian’s name appears on 34,200,000 pages, while Lady Gaga tops the list with 229,000,000.

Top 7 Women on the List of the 50 Most Popular Women

1. Gaga, Lady

Lady Gaga is the most famous woman on the Internet. She is a skilled songwriter, American singer, actress, record producer, and businesswoman. She’s also known for reinventing herself during her career and for versatility in various entertainment business niches.

The Popularity, her debut album, and its singles “Just Dance” and “Poker Face” launched her to fame the following year. The album’s hits were Bad Telephone, Romance, and Alejandro, later repackaged as The Fame Monster EP.

Gaga progressively ascended to the fourth position on VH1’s list of the Greatest Women in Music (2012) and fourth place in Time’s 2011 readers’ poll of the most powerful people in the past 10 years. According to her, a search on the Internet revealed 229,000,000 results.


Kesha’s music and public presence propelled her to stardom. Both Animal (2010) and Rainbow (2017) reached number one on the US Top 200, and she also has top ten songs in Warrior (2012) and High Road (2014). (2013). (2020).

Kesha has received many awards and nominations, including the MTV Europe Music Award. Britney Spears’ “Till the World Ends” (2011) and tracks for The Veronicas and Miley Cyrus are among the other artists’ songs. On the Internet, she was searched around 76,100,000 times. She also came in second place on the top 50 most popular ladies list.


She had had a massive effect on pop culture since the 1980s when she was dubbed the “Queen of Pop.” Madonna is noted for her capacity to reinvent herself musically and thematically and her visual presentation of her work. She’s pushed the limits of artistic expression in popular music while keeping total control over every aspect of her career. Because of her enormous popularity, she had a staggering 61,300,000 searches.


She was the first artist to have all six of their solo studio albums debut at number one on the Billboard list. Her album ‘Dangerously in Love’ included four top five Billboard Hot 100 singles.

Beyoncé is one of the most successful performers globally, with over 100 million records sold globally. Aside from that, in 2000, she was named the year’s top radio song artist and the decade’s top female artist by the Recording Industry Association of America, and she was selected the year’s top radio song artist and the decade’s top female artist by Billboard. She had a total of 55,200,000 google searches on her account.


Rihana is the list’s fifth most popular woman. Her first two studio albums, Music of the Sun in 2005 and A Girl Like Me in 2006, were inspired by Caribbean music and charted in the top ten of the US Billboard 200.

She is the world’s wealthiest female artist, believed worth $600 million. She was named one of the Time Magazine’s “100 most influential individuals.” On Google, she had 53,900,000 searches.


Spears is a songwriter, dancer, American singer, and actress who rose to fame in the 1990s. She is referred to as the “Princess of Music” since she is credited with reviving teenage pop in the late 1990s and early 2000s. She has led the lists for most-searched celebrities 7 times in the last 12 years, a record for an internet star since its establishment. On Google, she had 46,600,000 results.

7. JUSTIN BIEBER (This isn’t a joke!!)

Justin Bieber is the woman who came in the seventh position in the COED Magazine’s most wanted ladies list. Wait!!! But why is JB in the ladies’ room? It’s jarring. He is, without a doubt, a world-renowned vocalist. On the other hand, Justin Beiber does not identify as a woman.

The pop singer, whose voice has recently sounded weaker, has attempted to macho-fy his image. On the cover of USWeekly, he was shown hanging out with Disney actress Selena Gomez and sporting a new haircut.

Whether he appears macho or not, the singer radiates such confidence on stage that he nearly dominates the show.

People are captivated by his elegance and voice due to his voice and beauty. He was discovered among the top 50 most popular ladies on the Internet.

Justin Bieber owns 34,200,000 google search results, according to COED magazine. Apparently, “he” was ranked among the top 50 most famous ladies.

What is the significance of JB’s being on the list?

Justin Bieber is often referred to as one of the decade’s most popular ‘women’ due to his youthful good looks and large female fan base. He received both acclaim and criticism for his song “Baby,” which he released in 2010, but he has since sold over 150 million albums, making him one of the world’s best-selling singers.