What are the Top Online Conferencing Tools in 2022?

For years, a conference call has been an invaluable business tool, but adding visuals can make a huge difference. The visuals can show a software application, slide-show presentation, or document, and you can still see the difference. If you wish, you can conduct formal online seminars called webinars that do this, and several affordable applications offer this capability.

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Although not free, GoMeetNow is a comprehensive online meeting application that allows applications sharing, video conferencing, free audio conferencing, chat, recording, file transfer, document sharing, and annotations. It is the only web conferencing application that guarantees successful online meeting attendance with its patented technology.

The cost ranges from $12.95 per month for two attendees and $1 per month for every additional attendee, making GoMeetNow the most affordable web conferencing service for its features.


This application lets you create and share diagrams, user interfaces, flowcharts, and other documents online in real-time.


Screenstream supports presenters in Windows PCs and participants on Mac, Linux, or Windows. It offers desktop sharing features through a browser without the need for any client installation.


One of the most popular applications, TeamViewer focuses more on desktop support situations than online conferencing. It allows presenters to share their Mac or PC desktops with participants. An application installation is necessary on both ends, making this particular software more suitable for internal situations than external ones. It is free for private usage and $250/for six months for commercial use. Download the latest Premium version of the TeamViewer.


Glance is available for $50 per month and upwards; it is not for free. However, it is widely used and provides a reliable and straightforward screen-sharing experience. The presenter needs to install a software application on their Windows or Mac desktop to share documents and make presentations. The participants can be on Windows, Linux, or Mac and view the presentation via browser without installing any client.


A newcomer, Yugma, offers chat, white-boarding, and desktop sharing capabilities compared to others on this list. It supports VoIP conferencing and uses a feature that integrates seminars and Skype calls. Presenters can use a Linux, Mac, or Windows system, and participants can use any system via browser as long as they have a Java applet. A free version with limited features allows up to 10 participants, and feature-rich versions are available from $200/year onwards for 20 participants.

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GoToMeeting is more expensive than Yugma at a starting price of $468/year for 15 people, but it is also more established. The features are almost the same- there is VoIP and phone conferencing support, but there is no video conferencing and white-boarding support. Presenters on Windows PCs can use the application to its fullest, but those on Macs will find it limiting. Participants can use any system as long as their browser has Java. The GoToWebinar is similar, but it supports up to 1,000 participants, offers integrated visual and voice recording and poll-taking, and starts at $948/year.

Acrobat Connect

Adobe’s video conferencing and online seminar application is polished and offers features like desktop sharing, emoticons, white-boarding, VoIP conferencing, and video conferencing. Presenters can be on Windows or Mac, and participants can use any system with Flash in their browser. This tool is free for a maximum of three participants. If you want more participants, you can opt for a $395/year package for up to 15 participants. Advanced users can opt for Acrobat Connect Pro.