Best Fruits for Newlyweds


Newlyweds are the ones who becomes very careless about their diet yet they are in full need of energy in order to carry on their daily duties. Daily duties include fun activities that you do with spouse, for example some couples join the gym together and form great goals.

Here is a list of fruits we made for you.

Prickly Pear

Prickly Pear is great for newlyweds as it provides a great source of nutrition and has a great taste which couples can enjoy together. While watching tv, it has to be a great activity.

Sharon Fruit

When couples are newly married, they often tend to become more and more lazy and couch potatoes. Couch potatoes gain the most weight and tend to become more unhealthy over time.

Custard Apple

Custard Apple is also a great snack for people who have recently been married and often get cravings for some sweet and yummy fruit. This can be quite a dealmaker for you as a couple, if you are a new one.

Star Fruit

Starfruit leads to a very happy and content time with one another as it can be a cute fruit to keep on your spouse’s breakfast table or tray in bed. It will lead to a better and more cuter time together eating the star shaped fruit that is also very healthy.


Apples will provide you both the glow that newly married couples really need. With all the marriage functions to attend, dinners given by friends and relatives, you want to be on your A game!


Bananas are very interesting to have as smoothies especially, so totally go for something like this. Bananas are a great source of nutrition as well.


Oranges would even be easily available on your honeymoon and would be a great source of energy for your daily sightseeing and sun soaking.


There is no doubt that guavas would look extremely nice in a basket that you could make for your spouse. A fruit basket after a long day of work is a sweet gesture that your spouse would love to see.


You both must be intimate and happy together, and mangoes will give you the right kind of push for it. They will give you the sweet content too that you would crave after an intimate time together.


Dates are warm in nature and will keep you both fuzzy for the longest of times! They will also give you a boost of energy and you and your partner will be up and sharing old interesting stories. Mix it up with some coffee and you will be good to go. Coffee and dates, on a married date, can never go wrong.

These are the list of fruits that should be on a married couples radar all the time and at any time. Enjoy them with the company of your spouse and you will love them even more. Our favorite would be mangoes, and what would your favorite be?