Famous Upholstery Fabrics Used for Crafting Furniture

Think of a home where you cannot see any furniture. It seems odd to look at and definitely boring. Apparently, furniture plays a crucial role in completing the house. It gives you comfort and convenience and the elegance and uniqueness of the design is another wow factor. A table serves as holder of objects and things. A chair functions as provider of comfort and relaxation. A cabinet works as a storage and organizer of things. A bed gives you a complete rest after a tiring day. Therefore, furniture gives us so much more than what we need. It serves us well. It is like a friend to us. And without it, the house will be incomplete and sound boring.

However, we should not choose a furniture without considering its quality. A furniture should be durable and firm so it can serve as long years. The materials of the furniture should be on top of our mind. Is it safe to use? Is it long lasting? Is it worth the price? A sofa or lounge needs a perfect textile. Table, cabinets and bed should also have high-quality coverings so it can function well and can give an elegant look. Choosing the right kind of fabric for your furniture is a must. Today, we will look at list of upholstery fabrics that you must take into consideration to achieve the furniture that suit you well.

  1. Velvet

Velvet is a soft fabric commonly used in upholstery and other furniture’s textiles. We see velvet fabric on things that is placed closely to human’s skin. In line with this, the softness of fabric, which is the unique characteristic of this fabric, gives a luxurious feeling to the user. If you want to achieve a home with elegant visual appeal, you should consider having velvet as your upholstery fabric. May it be in the curtains, cushions, table covers, beddings, blankets, or Sofa—velvet is always a good choice!

  • Chenille

Another soft-textured material for upholstery fabrics is Chenille. This fabric is famously compared to a caterpillar because of its softness. Chenille is a combination of various fibers such as cotton, wool and rayon. It is best for interior decoration such as lounges because aside from its incredible softness, it is also durable and can last longer compared to other fabrics.

  • Leather

If you are looking for a durable textile, I highly recommend Leather. It is a natural fiber made from animals’ skins. Aside from its durability, it is also a water-resistant fabric and is easily to clean. Upholstery made from Leather is ideal for a luxurious home. Another thing is that is a versatile fabric, you can pair it up with any design or color you like and spice it up with high-quality cushions and rugs.

  • Microfiber

Microfiber is a synthetic material. It is a blend of polyester and nylon. This kind of fabric is also well-known for homeowners because it is best for people with allergies. It holds any dirt and stain so you can clean it easily. Moreover, it is a light-weighted fabric, so it is easy to wash and dry. Many homes are using microfiber as their upholstery fabric. You can see this fabric in their pillows, tablecloths, bath towels, and sofa covers.

  • Nylon

Nylon is 100% synthetic fiber. It is also an exceptionally strong and durable fabric that is ideal to be used in your sofa or chairs. Aside from durability, there are also nylon fabrics sold in the market which are waterproof, so it is very ideal for homes with children and pets. Although the value of nylon is expensive, but it is definitely worth the price because it can serve you for long years.

  • Polyester

One of the most popular synthetic fiber is Polyester. If you wish to have furniture and upholstery that can stand and deal any wrinkle from washing, then Polyester is also a good choice. It holds the shape and color of your textile and is also durable and sturdy. Polyester can be a good material for your beddings, sofa, table covers and a like.

Fill your home with variety of unique decors online and you’ll be amaze on the outcome! Make sure to consider the listed above fabrics for your furniture and other upholstery.