What Are The Benefits Of A Relaxing Massage?

What is the relaxing massage and what is it for?

The massages considered more “physical”, use mainly or in its entirety, the hands and their strength. Also, they are fantastic pain treatments. But in addition, they also cause extremely pleasant sensations that provide other types of advantages.

There are multiple variants of relaxing massages. Aromatherapy, chocolate therapy (with chocolate), chiropractic, geothermal therapy (with hot stones), or massages with essential oils, are some of them.

In addition, relaxing massages are usually accompanied by external resources that increase the sensation of pleasure, calm and relaxation. For example, a relaxing massage is usually carried out in a specific setting with simple decoration, where relaxing music, dim lighting, candles and aromas are appreciated, and ultimately, transmit peace and tranquility.

The most important benefits of a good relaxing massage

If you have given yourself a relaxing 안마 before, you will probably identify some of the benefits that we highlight below:

  • Relaxes the body and mind, promoting deep breathing and eliminating the feeling of anxiety.
  • Reduces and eliminates muscle pain, such as knots, pulls or contractures.
  • Strengthens blood circulation, thus increasing the supply of oxygen to organs and tissues.
  • Improves the nervous system.
  • Create a feeling of well-being.
  • Helps eliminate toxins and dead cells, thanks to a greater flow of lymphatic fluid, which achieves healthier, smoother and more beautiful skin.
  • Recovers energy and accumulated fatigue (promoted by stress, exercise or physical exertion).
  • It contributes to the digestion of nutrients and elimination of waste.
  • Increases natural defenses.
  • It stimulates sexual appetite, because it improves areas such as self-esteem and vital energy.

Contraindications of relaxing massages

Despite all these advantages, for health reasons, it is important to remember that people who:

  • They suffer from a vascular disease, such as thrombophlebitis.
  • They have undergone some delicate spinal or back operation.
  • They suffer from any skin disease, or have open wounds, fractures, fissures or bleeding diseases.
  • They are in the key phase of pneumatic diseases.

Although, it is convenient to go to professional masseuses, with studies and experience in the field, to give you this type of massage, certain variants could have very positive effects on an emotional level. For example, relaxing massages given by our sentimental partner or someone we trust.