Trendy and Sleek Ombre Nails

Is it possible for the ever-popular hair trend, which exploded onto the scene a few years ago and is still seen everywhere today, to make a transition onto your nails that is both exciting and stylish?  One of the coolest ways this year to add something special to your nails is with an ombre finish.

If you are like me and this trend has potentially passed you by, allow me to explain.  The word ‘ombre’ simply translates to the word ‘shaded’ in French, which refers to the transition of color between two dramatic tones, usually between light and dark shades. This used to be popular as a hairstyle, in which the darker roots faded to a lighter blonde, but now we are seeing the ombre everywhere, most notably on the nail in today’s popular fashion trends.

The possibilities of ombre nail art are endless, and the application can be simple.

Every style conscious woman knows that the perfect look with all the glitz and glam means that every little detail is accounted for from head to toe. The nails play a vital role in bringing the look together, giving you the ability to make or break the impression you are going for among your circle of influence. Today is the day we get to ditch old ideas and adopt new creative, unique ways to add something to your individual style that really shows how unique you really are.

Application is Simple

The old way was to use a makeup wedge, blending your colors onto your wedge before dabbing to apply. But by far, our favorite option for the ombre effect is a super simple solution: SNS Air Ombre. The technique can be done in your salon or at home, spraying a fine controlled mist of powder from a bottle a bit like an airbrush concept. The line is designed to be used with any dip or polish, and even on acrylic manicures. SNS offers an extensive color range, giving you the creative ability to play with color palettes and shading, allowing you to give your nails a personality as unique as your own.

The Simple Gradient

This look is the style that took social media by storm. The attention-grabbing DIY trend can be worn in hundreds of different ways, shapes, and colors, giving you the maximum range to unleash all your creative potential. The colors blend from the base of the nail to the tip. You achieve this by choosing colors that will blend effortlessly, and by limiting yourself to two or three colors.

Many-Colored Mani


This spectrum of a multicolored ombre manicure is incredibly easy to recreate and will give you the individuality you are looking for to express your personal style. Throw out the rulebook when choosing colors in this style and go with your instincts. You can choose a few complimentary polish colors and blend them not only from base to tip, but left to right, or all of the above.  Try multiple variations on a single color, like going from hot to light pink and adding in a fuchsia. This manicure is bold and dramatic, and incredibly versatile and expressive.

The French Ombre

With an incredibly subtle and smooth twist to the conventional French manicure, this cool and sophisticated style puts on a head turning twist to this original design. This is easy enough to do at home and is something you can wear for any occasion. This is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to look cutting edge without going over the top.

Glitzy Glitter


With any ombre, a touch of glitter can always be sprinkled on your nails to really make them pop. This gorgeous addition is one of the cutest ways to decorate your new ombre look. Just leave it to the pros to craft their special blend of cosmic glitter dust.  A dash over the tips and you are good to go. Imagine how these nails will sparkle once the sun catches them at just the right angle, making them shimmer like the sun on the lake on a perfect summer day.