How Hair Clips are Getting More Common?

Claw Clip

Hairclips are embedded in our daily lives and have found their use in almost every other work that we humans do. From tying messy hair to being a fashion statement in the Fashion industry, their uses are numerous. But first what are claw hair clips? They are a type of hair clip that is identified by having many stick-like studs with spaces in between them. These clips also have a spring in the middle which acts as a pivot for the clips. We most commonly regard them as dinosaur-like due to the fact that they are shaped like their large canine-like teeth and their large structure.

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Where you can get them?

These types of hair clips are very common and you can find them at almost any general store across the country. They are also very cheaply available to the masses. From being available and being very cheap they can be classified as being the most hybrid type of accessory in the market.

But apart from the normal, inexpensive one that both women and men use, more kinds have shown up in the market in recent years. Like the more expensive ones from well-known brands like “France Luxe”. We regard this kind and use them more as a fashion statement than for normal everyday use. They thus come at a much steeper cost because of the association of the brand’s name with them. They can be used for model shoots or used by the richer of our society who have to look great for the camera. Thus their demand is also less hence their price increases.

Hair clips in the fashion industry

Hair clips

Hair accessories have always been famous in the fashion industry. These inspire other people to follow trends and then they infuse with school or work clothes. At any point in the last century, uniforms of both schools and work have had trendy hair accessories.

Hairbands were initially used to keep hair back in the nineties, and then clips were introduced. During the nineteen seventies they rose to fame. Women would twist their hair into coils and use these clips to keep them in place. Now, even though the time has evolved, these clips are back in fashion. While their purpose of securing the hair in place remains the same, their worth in fashion has increased. Especially in 2020, while people were stuck in their homes, experimenting began, and voila!

Now, many celebrities and models choose to wear this hair accessory. Even influencers on social media prefer this for its ‘old school’ aesthetics. This has surely given a rise to the product’s fame!

The convenience of this accessory

The reason many people prefer to wear clips rather than wear their hair down or make classic ponytails with a band is because of their convenience. They are very easy to wear and do not pull on the hair like a hairband. There are also a number of different hairstyles you can try with these! Like, a regular bun or even a ponytail, even the elegant half-up half-down. As they are available in a wide range of styles and colors, even designs, they are suitable for any occasion. Moreover, they keep your hair in place!