How To Recognize A Fake Watch

As mentioned above, experts in the production of fake watches have developed techniques and skills to create models that are increasingly similar to the originals and therefore increasingly difficult to recognize.

Very often, these models fool even an experienced eye if the evaluation is not done carefully and meticulously.

To identify a counterfeit it is essential to take into account and verify some specific characteristics.

Technical Characteristics of the Watch

The first thing to check to understand if you are dealing with an imitation is the technical characteristics of the watch.

Fake watches do not always have exactly the same peculiarities. The manufacturer may have made some small errors in the production phase that can be easily found.

In particular, it is essential to check if it has a rotating bezel, if that particular model has a screw-in or press-fit crown and case back, and if the glass is plastic or sapphire crystal.


Materials are also a key element in identifying potential 레플리카 or counterfeits. In particular, it is essential to first inquire about the materials used to make the watch, and then check for discoloration, corrosion or cavities, to verify the actual quality.

The original products in gold, steel, and aluminum will never have these small but fundamental defects.


Another fundamental element is the mechanism. It must be verified before any purchase since, in the original models, the exact caliber reference is always shown (usually it is shown on the rotor or on the bridge of the two wheels), and the manufacturer’s reference (in most cases engraved under the rocker).

However, in the case of replica or fake brand watches, these two factors almost never appear.

Aesthetic aspects

Aesthetic aspects can be a clear indicator to understand the real authenticity of a product.

Special attention should be paid to the serigraphs and engravings on the dial, on the back of the case, on the strap, and on the crown of the watch. When it comes to original watches, in fact, it is almost impossible to find inaccuracies in the writing, or suspicious errors in the creation of the logo.

Everything must be absolutely compact and refined.


Finally, we must not forget the guarantee, which in replicas always ensures the relationship with the original products.

When it comes to fake watches, there is not always a guarantee for the consumer, a factor that should immediately raise suspicions.

In addition, the original models must have the original box, and the warranty signed and stamped by the authorized dealer.

Sites that sell replica watches

As already mentioned above, today, replica watches are easily found, thanks to the large market created around these products.

In particular, in Korean, the best models are available online with several dedicated sites that deal precisely with proposing the most interesting options.

Among these, many deal with perfect replicas, at prices decidedly balanced by virtue of the characteristics and peculiarities that they present.

Of course, a reliability factor that the user can consider is whether these sites offer the ability to pay for the replica cash on delivery directly upon delivery.


We understood the substantial difference between luxury replica watches and fake watches, which are absolutely illegal products.

In addition, it has been understood to what extent replicas can guarantee, in any case, a product of absolute quality made by masters in this sense who are concerned, day by day, to provide new models that are increasingly precise and faithful to the originals.

The purchase of these products can represent an alternative to the original models even if they do not have the incomparable characteristics of a watch made by the master craftsmen of the manufacturing company.