The Future of Interactive Video Content

Today, interactive video content is finally gaining ground, being used by Netflix, YouTube, the BBC and many others. But in addition to movies and various series, interactive content can be successfully used in many other industries. In this article, we have collected some great examples.


Interactive promotional videos grab more customer attention and help set your business content apart from your competitors. In such advertising, the client can not only see the product, but also use it virtually. Interactive commercials can be adapted to a specific group of customers, and thus “close” consumer expectations as much as possible.


Online learning is an undeniable trend in modern education. And educational interactive videos Cinema 8 will occupy a significant part of it in the near future. Interactive tools will help make the learning process itself, and testing, and communication between the teacher and students faster, more convenient and more efficient. In addition, interactive lessons affect students 10 times more than regular videos.


Through interactive video, bloggers will be able to communicate directly with their audience. In the future, this may become a separate monetization channel. The fact that interactivity in blogs is still little used will allow novice bloggers at the first stage to loudly declare them and use many scenarios that have not yet been implemented and ample opportunities for creativity.

Of course, there are many more areas in which interactive video content can be successfully used, including children’s animation, music videos, medicine, and professional skills.