Wellness and Massage Products

Who has not heard of or has already immersed themselves in the world of wellness? Who does not know the virtues of therapies such as massage, aromatherapy, shiatsu, chemotherapy or algotherapy? This article addresses the characteristics and benefits provided by all these alternative therapies included in the concept of wellness and includes the best formulations used for body massage linked to them.

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In a world of haste and quick results like ours, where stress and tension rule our day to day, the search for physical and mental well-being is a real priority. Increasingly, hotels, gyms and other centers related to health and beauty offer a wider range of services aimed at our well-being. Precisely, this much-desired well-being is what defines the concept of wellness and encompasses a whole world of sensations that range from anti-stress therapies, 출장마사지 exercises and diet to beauty treatments, water areas and other concepts that we will break down below.

From fitness to wellness, passing through the spa

In a short time we have gone from fitness (being in shape, basically through the regular practice of physical exercise and taking care of food) to the much broader concept of wellness, in which the demand for complete well-being includes techniques that take care of the body and the mind. , from activities such as Tai-Chi, yoga, body mind, the famous Pilates method, etc.

In wellness centers, souls per aqua treatments, that is, “health through water”, are particularly important. This concept is a modern invention to refer to a place of leisure and health with water-based treatments. It could be that the Belgian city of Spa, known since Roman times for its thermal baths, gave rise to this popular term, but in any case water is the common element in this historical evolution from thermal baths, through spas, thalassotherapy and finally the spa. The difference between spas, more urban in nature, and spas, more focused on recovering health, is the type of water used. In spas, drinking water enriched with salts and essential oils is used, while mineral-medicinal waters are usually used in spas. The hydrotherapy circuits that take place in the marine environment lead us in parallel to thalassotherapy, in which seawater is collected more than a kilometer from the shore, purified and heated to around 36ºC.

The modern Roman bath in spas is a vaporarium at a temperature of 50ºC and 70% humidity, which encourages sweating and helps eliminate toxins due to the general vasodilatations it produces throughout the body.