Facts & Identification of American Cockroach Control.

American Cockroach

The American cockroach loves settings with plenty of food and water, and they may usually be found outside. Roaches use pheromones to communicate with one another and decide where they should settle down.

Cockroaches tend to congregate in certain regions, and it’s not uncommon for numerous generations of roaches to coexist. They thrive at temperatures of 70 degrees Fahrenheit or above, and the American cockroach, despite its name, may be found all over the world.

Crawlspaces, attics, and bathrooms are common places for them to hide when they come inside. However, they can be found in places like wood piles, dead logs, hollowed-out trees, and other outside areas (especially in Southern states).


COLOR: Adult cockroaches have reddish-brown wings, a light-colored band around the pronotum, a shield that partially covers the head, and light, circular or figure eight markings on their thorax.

SIZE: The adult American cockroach is typically 1.5 inches long, but it can grow to be as long as 2 inches. Nymphs are smaller than adults and do not have wings.


A pest management professional is usually required for long-term roach control. To limit the amount of roaches in and around your home, take the following steps:

  • Remove any trash containing food or cardboard containing grease or food stains. Cockroaches and ants may find these to be food sources.
  • Clean surfaces on a regular basis to remove food and grease deposits that cockroaches will eat.
  • To prevent entrance into the residence, seal openings under doors, around windows and pipe penetrations, and foundation fractures.
  • Remove garbage and food debris from fruit-bearing plants and gardens. Cockroaches and other animals, such as rats, may have less food sources as a result of this.
  • Don’t leave food strewn about the house.
  • Monitor the presence of cockroaches and other insects with glue traps.
  • For Canadian pest control, contact a professional SOS-extermination.