5 Small Business Strategies for Combatting Pandemic Challenges

Pandemic Challenges

Small business can be severely impacted by negative events like a global pandemic. As many organizations have found when facing COVID-19, there are creative ways to ensure your customers stay connected and satisfied with your services, your employees stay safe and your financial situation remains stable when facing uncertainties. There are several specific pandemic challenges your company can addressing with solutions like sending small business Christmas cards or paying extra attention to your social networking channels.

1. Bridge Isolation

Many people are facing increased periods of isolation either from quarantine requirements or remote employment. When working alone or spending more time away from the hustle and bustle of the average social life, it can lead to depression, anxiety and loneliness. When your employees feel this strain, it can weaken morale and impact customer service. When consumers deal with this challenge, it can affect their purchasing habits, potentially causing sales to slump. Whether you order customized small business Christmas cards for your consumers or you regularly send positive, encouraging text messages out to your employees, proactively communication can help bridge the challenge of isolation.

2. Combat Distancing Challenges

Social distancing recommendations can make it hard for a small business to operate effective and safely, particularly if the office or shop is small. In addition to changing around work schedule to limit the number of employees who are present, you can use online shopping to help keep orders coming in. Even if you aren’t set up to accept money online, you can strategically use social medial site to post a picture of featured item for the day or week and arrange for pick-up or delivery options.

3. Highlight Purchase Options

A pandemic can create financial stress for both your business and your consumers. In order to keep sales going while being conscious of the budget needs for your consumers, limit your products to just a key few and offer incentives for purchases. Buy one get one free options, an emailed coupon, social network reference codes or incentives for specific products can help keep consumers interested in what you offer while still showing your sympathy to their financial situation.

4. Leverage Technology

Navigating a pandemic requires flexibility, and small business owners can often change tactics or their operations more quickly than a large-scale retailer. One way for you to streamline operations and conserve resources is through tech support. Thanks to technology, you can access vast amounts of data very quickly for marketing purposes, you can automate your company’s payroll or bill payments and you can stay in touch with vendors, consumers and employees remotely. Don’t be afraid to incorporate new apps, software or devices to reduce the workload and get things accomplished accurately and efficiently.

5. Protect Consumer Safety

You can instill confidence in your company by prioritizing both employee and consumer health and safety. Posting sanitation or cleaning schedules, offering masks or setting up touchless payment systems can go a long way in giving your consumers the confidence they need to do business with you during a pandemic.

Use Cards for Causes

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