You Must Know Why Black Women Love 613 Blonde Hair!


Slaying isn’t a big deal when you have got that bossy ‘want it, will get it’ attitude. But, once you rock these luscious and beautiful 613 Blonde Hair extensions, you’ll slay better and definitely gonna become the talk of the town. After all, top-shelf celebrities like Beyonce, Ciara, and Zoe Kravitz rock them too!

Is 613 Hair Really a Good Option?

Oh, we can go on and on about them. Black women love the 613 and there are endless reasons for that. The 613 blonde extensions might be expensive, but they will be your favorite tool for self-expression!

Many women of color think that blonde hair will not ‘look natural’ on them. But, the 613 coupled with exquisite non-traditional hair shades like Golden Blonde, Grey Blonde, Lavender Blonde, or Pink Blonde can make the extensions match your skin color with perfection.

The 613 hair is surprisingly comfortable to wear too and toning them is a walk in the park. So yes, these are really a great option if you have the knack for versatility and creativity. Still not satisfied? Keep reading to learn more about the 613 Blonde Hair extensions.

613 Closure Wigs or 613 Hair Bundles?

Blonde Hair

At Ulahair, we like to give our lovely customers endless options to choose from. Recently, we have been receiving many queries about the 613, especially about the 613 Closure Wigs and the 613 Hair Bundles. So, which ones are better for you – Closure Wigs or Hair Bundles? Let’s find out, shall we?

613 Closure Wig Dye the Root for More Natural-Looking

The 613 Closure Wig is made from 100% virgin human hair with dyed roots that gives it a naturally attractive and realistic look when applied. These are known to take heat and color surprisingly well, especially when you consider the low maintenance they require.

When it comes to styling, you can choose from various Closure Wigs available in the market. You can go for the pre-plucked hairline, straight human hair wigs, the reasonable 250% density hair, and the free parting ones that are more versatile than others.

The best aspect of using 613 Closure Wig is that there is absolutely no hair shedding at all. The material often used in these is breathable. Hence, there is no chance of them smelling bad after use. Not just that, they can be curled, permed, dyed, and restyled at will. Isn’t that cool?

613 Hair Bundles to Get the Perfect Look

The 613 Hair Bundle is made of 100% human hair collect i.e. virgin hair material. In other words, these are healthy and safe to apply to your scalp. Since they are formed out of unprocessed virgin hair, there’s absolutely no chance of tangling or shedding.

Black women love the 613 hair bundle mostly because of the versatility it brings to their looks. Since the 613 bundle is real human hair, it is ridiculous how easy it is to dye, bleach, and perm them.

The quality available at Ulahair, however, outsmarts other brands in the market as we use a strict ‘select and color’ matching process before shipping the products. So yeah, feel free to place your order.

And what to say about the workmanship you get in these 613 hair bundles. The exquisite manufacturing process with reinforced double weft and non-chemical Korean glue make the bundles a delight to wear. They feel soft and shiny, are super comfortable to wear, and look so natural!

Black women wearing 613 Blonde Hair look so amazing!

Blonde Hair

But ladies, the list of products at Ulahair doesn’t just end here. Black women around the world are enjoying our hair products and the orders just keep pouring in. And we love it! So, what are the other products you should consider while you are purchasing the 613 Blonde Hair? Well, you’re in for a ride!

At Ulahair, here’s what all you can buy for yourself:

  • Hair Extensions

If you are looking for exotic hair extensions, you don’t need to go anywhere else. We have hair extensions that range from Brazilian to Malaysian to Peruvian hair bundles and closures.

  • HD Lace

Then we have HD laces that are made of royal lace material. These are popular for their high quality and ability to become highly undetectable when applied. We highly recommend them if you want your hairline to look natural.

  • Wigs

Choose from our wide collection of wigs. To name a few, we have bob wigs, lace front wigs, lace closure wigs, T-Part lace wigs, full lace wigs, headband wigs, bangs wig, and other texture-specific wigs. In short, you are never going to run out of wigs to wear at Ulahair.

  • Closures

Your love for closure can meet reality at Ulahair as we have so many closures available in so many sizes! Just pick any you think would look good on ya’ and we’ll get them to your doorstep.

  • Mink Eyelashes

One of the best sellers at Ulahair, 5D and 3D Mink eyelashes are our super favorite fashion accessory too! Since these go for very cheap at our site, go ahead and place multiple orders for them. You’ll save money with the special offers anyway.

Keep Readin’ (and purchasin’)!

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Author: Sarah Sadie