Tips For Selecting The Right Sun Hats

When summer comes, it’s time to go to the beach or soak in the sun somewhere. As much as this may be fun and exciting, it exposes you to the sun a lot. Staying out in the sun may be a good thing. However, continuous exposure may damage your skin hair.

To ensure that you’re always safe from sunshine exposure, you need the right sun hats. Not only will they protect you from the sun, but they’ll make you look great. Some hats, like straw sun hats, will even make your head stay cool. But selecting the right sun hat to match your style and personality can be difficult because they come in various designs and types.

To select the best sun hat, you need to consider several things. This article highlights tips for choosing the right sun hats.


As a general rule, you should select hats with bright colors because they reflect the sun’s heat. Dark colors will absorb the heat and make staying in the sun quite unbearable. If you wear a white hat, chances are you’ll feel cooler under the heat than if you wear the black one.

You should also pay closer attention to the color of the region under the brim. Dark brims will absorb UV rays though they’ll not reflect your face. If you think that white hats are difficult to clean, you can select a hat with a neutral color.


The material of the hat you select affects its breathability and air ventilation. It would help if you chose a hat that promotes good air circulation. The material should also protect your hair and head from harmful ultraviolet rays. The good news is that most quality sun hats have a 50+ UPF. Such hats can block up to about 98% UVB and UVA components of sun rays.

If you have them on, you can rest assured that your skin will be protected from damage or cancer. Always ensure that you look at the sun hat’s label for such information. Avoid hats that don’t have such information because they may not protect you from harmful rays.

The best hats that can protect you from the sun and promote good airflow are made from cotton, hemp, straw, and synthetic materials like polyester and nylon. However, hats made from polyester and cotton material are easier to maintain than those made from straw. But the best thing about straw hats is that you can easily clean them with only cold water. Cotton hats may require a washing machine to be spotless.


A sun hat’s brim protects your ears, face, and neck from the sun’s rays. The wider the brim, the better. It’s recommended that you purchase a hat that is at least three inches wide.

Your choice of brim may also be affected by the time you go out in the summer. In the mornings and evenings, the sun doesn’t shine directly and may sneak into your neck and face. If you like going out at these times, you may require a hat that’s more than four inches wide. But if you go out at noon when the sun shines directly on your head, a three-inch brim would be ideal.


A sun hat may appear to be a simple accessory. However, it can cover or expose your skin to the sun’s rays. It’s important to consider these factors before buying the right sun hat.