Online Poker Strategy: What to Do When You Are Dead Card


“Over time there is no luck in poker, but the short term is longer than most people know.” – Rick Bennet

When you sit down to play poker you want to make something happen, but if you have never experienced any good catch it just feels like your hands are tied behind your back!

No Doubt, losing a card is something every player goes through, the more you feel like you know the opponent’s game plan and you can use the opportunity right now but the situation doesn’t allow you to do it! Here, which affects your attitude towards the game as the people around you take advantage of your weaknesses and start playing against you, in the end, it becomes very difficult to get into the game again. Learn more about dealing with a dead card while playing poker casino games online.

Processing cold cards can end at any time – Be patient!

“I don’t care what I have to fold, it’s the laid hands that I worry about” – Anonymous

Patience has always been the key to poker cash games, considered a skill that every poker player should have. Another common death card strategy is to keep wrapping preflop until you have a good chance of making a post. Always remember that Cold Cards work can end at any time. Stay free! Take a break, there is nothing wrong with taking a mental break between monitoring your opponents or listening to music that can keep your spirits high and your energy high. Being a dead card is a temporary situation, and you don’t know it very well! You should not be affected if you do not work for a while, just be patient, and have an understanding of the game you are playing.

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Change the mindset – People are interested in the “hands” they play in, but not in the “game” they play in!

If you have lost a card, you may feel like there is nothing you can do right now or you think you should always have cards to play with. Change your mind and play your game strategically so that you have good control over it. You can use this time to look at your competitors, their movements, and their tactics. Take it easy, find out what people are doing, and start guessing what you would do if you were there. Finally look for that opportunity, once you’ve got the right hand to play, control the game and change the situation.

Be Unexpected

If you die you will not be expected from others as you will be continuing continuously for a long time. This will make your opponents think that you are probably the most powerful player and are waiting for the best cards to play in, here you can use this opportunity to resurrect the raised pot and follow your opponents. Or, they may think that you must have a dead card. This becomes even more difficult when you are playing online as you can not judge the face. Know that playing with weak players will have less power, instead look for a strong player who plays freely and raises his whole hand, who is an aggressive and inexperienced player. This situation can be a good time for you as he will not expect this from you. Therefore, you can use your image against your opponents by playing patiently, but make it clear to choose your enemy carefully.

Never magnify your image

When you play online there is always a sense of anonymity that no one will look at you and there is no sign of embarrassment, sometimes it can make you make the wrong decision. You might think that even if the card is dead, you have confirmed to the table how strong it is and you are starting to magnify their image. But poker  is a mind game, most players are well aware that you were not playing hands. Even if you do nothing, opponents will watch you and follow everything you do. Never think that if you fold your arms for a moment and take advantage of your opponents, your opponents will likely be better off!

The strongest strategy for this will be before they take action against you, finding out that the opponents are keeping your move. This can help you to play safely in the game even if you lose the card.

Once the card is dead, “discipline” can get you out of this situation. Just know that a dead card is something you have to deal with, so stick to the plan, be patient, and make your poker strategy to get the expected results. Everything makes sense and you have to control it by playing the game and not by waiting for the cards!

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